Jerome Germond: Les Aventures D'un Chien Chilien

Jerome Germond: Les Aventures D&
Title: Les Aventures D'un Chien Chilien
Label: Editions Eponymes

In Chile, a stray dog ??dreams of another life... One day, he meets the lady with candy, a French tourist who decides to adopt it. Unfortunately, the stay of the holiday comes to an end, and when he wants to go with him to Paris, the Chilean dog without pedigree, no collar, was refused access to the plane. This is the beginning of an incredible pursuit of happiness during which the Chilean dog will be helped by a secretly in love chip, a German shepherd - and Chile - Customs in Santiago and other characters just as unlikely. Following the thread of "Adventures of a Chilean Dog", the songs of the tale of traveling in style style (cueca chilena, cumbia, waltz, funky influences or walking burlesque). They are carried by melodies easy to hum and original arrangements giving pride of place to wind instruments and percussion.

1.1 Dog Chilean
1.2 The Encounter
1.3 Tata Tonton
1.4 It's Complicated
1.5 You Can Not Pass
1.6 The Event
1.7 She Loves
1.8 A Plan
1.9 A Message Messages
1.10 Plan B
1.11 I Will Pique
1.12 In the Bottom of the Hole
1.13 Candy Jail
1.14 Finally the Solution
1.15 Itching
1.16 Happy Ending
1.17 All Is Well

Jerome Germond: Les Aventures D'un Chien Chilien

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