Michael O'Halloran: Little Blue Bus

Michael O&
Title: Little Blue Bus
Label: Tear Stained Records

Burnside is pleased to add to it's burgeoning assortment of Childrens titles with the Little Blue Bus - Songs for Children. Australian musician Michael O'Halloran has created a wonderful 14 track album recorded in Brisbane and released by the visionary Tear Stained Records label. Kids are kids around the world and we have every expectation that this gem of a release from Down Under will have children of all ages anxiously awaiting the opportunity to climb on the little Blue Bus!

1.1 The Wedge Tailed Eagle
1.2 Friends
1.3 The Gulf of Carpentaria
1.4 The Little Blue Bus
1.5 Antidisestablishmentarianism
1.6 Splish Splash Splosh
1.7 Teddy
1.8 The Three Ducks
1.9 Hanging Rock Creek
1.10 I'm a Greenie
1.11 Howl Like a Dingo
1.12 Go to Byron
1.13 Moonlight Dreaming
1.14 Sleepy Head

Michael O'Halloran: Little Blue Bus

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