Papa Gg Band: Songs for a Practical Day

Papa Gg Band: Songs for a Practical Day
Title: Songs for a Practical Day
Label: CD Baby

PapaGG performs Children's and contemporary Christian Songs/Videos. The 1st album is named 'Songs for a Practical Day'. This music features songs that teach children practical life subjects like: the days of the week, continents, months of the year and more! This has been hugely influenced by his family (Tiffany, Barbara and David) and two partners, Danielle McEuen and Tara Mott, Montessori Educators (AMI Certified). papaGG is originally from Upstate New York (Utica). papaGG has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old and still has that guitar. Check out more papaGG songs at He learned the instrument from playing at Catholic Folk Masses each and every Sunday during his Catholic grammar school years. Early influences were the Dave Clark Five, Rolling Stones and the Beatles. In high school papaGG continued to play lots of music: Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Bread and the Eagles. In his senior year he joined a band (Kidd) and new influences arose: Ted Nugent, Kiss, Alice Cooper and more. More years went by and more bands too. papaGG is also working on four musical projects: 1. Montessori Moms Music, working with Barbara's school teachers (and friends) Tara Mott and Danielle McEuen, the music (CD's and Videos) created will fill schools (both Montessori and public) with songs, poems, classical guitar songs (featuring Ed Sipos), meditation music and more which will be used in the classroom setting around the world! Our next CD: 'Skipping Through Math' will help teachers promote skip counting and other math subjects with music, video, and CD companion guides (teaching materials). 2. Copper Skies with Ed Mendoza Like an unforgettable Arizona sunset, Copper Skies strives to play the songs from the 60's through the present that bring back great memories. Music that we all love to listen to or sing along to. The material is ageless like fine wine, as classic as rock and roll was meant to be, reproduced for your enjoyment by a duet with energy, great harmonies and a desire to entertain. 3. Peace and Mind, a collection of songs created for meditation available soon for download or purchase. 4. You can hear papaGG play at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Goodyear, AZ, most every Sunday night at the 5pm Mass as part of the LifeTeen Contemporary Music Group, Director: Amy Burns. Back to his roots, life comes full circle.

1.1 Hello Have a Fine Day
1.2 Celebration of Life
1.3 Strummin' Path
1.4 Ebb and Flow
1.5 Walk the Line
1.6 People Do Their Jobs
1.7 Intro - 365 Days in a Year
1.8 Days and Planets
1.9 12 Months in a Year
1.10 Manners Are So Cool
1.11 Intro: Seasons Rock
1.12 Seasons Rock
1.13 Roll Your Rug
1.14 Intro: Pangaea and the 7 Continents
1.15 Continents
1.16 Continents [Video Version]
1.17 Lizzy the Lizard
1.18 Dinosaurs
1.19 Goodbye Have a Fine Day

Papa Gg Band: Songs for a Practical Day

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