They Might Be Giants: Here Come the Abc's

They Might Be Giants: Here Come the Abc&
Title: Here Come the Abc's
Label: Walt Disney Records

HERE COMES THE ABC'S features 25 infectious tunes about letters and the alphabet including the all-time favorite lilke "E Eats Everything" and "Here Comes the ABCs," as well as two bonus tracks "I Never Go to Work" and "Hovering Sombrero." Bonus DVD contains music videos featuring animation, puppetry and live action footage, plus the music video to the theme song for Disney Channel's hit preschool series, Higglytown Hereos. In addition to 25 videos inspired by songs on the CD, the DVD also features bonus content: "Cap Your Hands," "Violin Stalk of Wheat," "Robot Parade," and "Sleepwalker Here in Higglytown."

1.1 Here Come the ABC's
1.2 Alphabet of Nations
1.3 E Eats Everything
1.4 Flying V
1.5 Q U
1.6 Gor for G!
1.7 Pictures of Pandas Painting
1.8 D ; w
1.9 Fake - Believe
1.10 Can You Find It?
1.11 The Vowle Family
1.12 Letter / Not a Letter
1.13 Alphabet Lost and Found
1.14 I C U
1.15 Letter Dhapes
1.16 Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order
1.17 Rolling O
1.18 L M N O
1.19 C Is for Conifers
1.20 Fake Believe (Type B)
1.21 D Is for Drums
1.22 Z y X
1.23 Goodnight My Friends
1.24 Clap Your Hands
1.25 Here in Higglytown (Theme to Disney's Higglytown Hero's)
1.26 Hovering Sombrero '05
1.27 I Never Go to Work
2.1 Here Come the Abcs [DVD]
2.2 Alphabet of Nations [DVD]
2.3 E Eats Everything [DVD]
2.4 Flying V [DVD]
2.5 I Am a Robot [DVD]
2.6 Q U [DVD]
2.7 Go for G! [DVD]
2.8 Pictures of Pandas Painting [DVD]
2.9 D ; w [DVD]
2.10 Fake-Believe [DVD]
2.11 Can You Find It? [DVD]
2.12 Introducing the Vowel Family [DVD]
2.13 The Vowel Family [DVD]
2.14 A to Z [DVD]
2.15 Letter/Not a Letter [DVD]
2.16 Latter Shapes [DVD]
2.17 Alphabet Lost and Found [DVD]
2.18 I C U [DVD]
2.19 I Am a Robot (Type B) [DVD]
2.20 John and John Introduce... [DVD]
2.21 Who Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order? [DVD]
2.22 Rolling O [DVD]
2.23 L M N O [DVD]
2.24 Introducing C Is for Conifers [DVD]
2.25 Fake-Believe (Type B) [DVD]
2.26 A to Z (Type B) [DVD]
2.27 D Is for Drums [DVD]
2.28 Introducing Z y X [DVD]
2.29 Z y X [DVD]
2.30 Goodnight My Friends [DVD]
2.31 Here Come the Abcs!
2.32 Introducing the Bonus Tracks [DVD]
2.33 Clap Your Hands [DVD]
2.34 Violin [DVD]
2.35 Stalk of Wheat [DVD]
2.36 Robot Parade [DVD]
2.37 Sleepwalker [DVD]
2.38 Here in Higglytown (Theme to Playhouse Disney's Higglytown Heroes)

They Might Be Giants: Here Come the Abc's

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