Z's Dad: Mooosic for Kids

Title: Mooosic for Kids
Label: CD Baby

Hey there! I'm John, also known as Z's Dad. With the birth of my son, Zeke, my musical talents were put to work mostly to get him to go to sleep. As Zeke has grown, music has been a constant presence in our lives. We've created many songs together on car rides, during playtime, and even at the breakfast table. With Z's DAD: Moosic For Kids, I've pooled the talents of many musical friends and even the family dog, to present some of our favorite creations. So buckle up, we're going for a ride ;)

1.1 Boogie Woogie Stew
1.2 Cake for Breakfast
1.3 Love
1.4 Bacon
1.5 Wish Sandwich
1.6 Dog Park
1.7 Me Oh My, Who Am I
1.8 Bad Things Happen
1.9 This Little Piggy
1.10 Wait Till Your Daddy Gets Home
1.11 Let's Go Out and Play
1.12 I Am a Robot

Z's Dad: Mooosic for Kids

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