Chris Walden: Symphony 1 Four Elements

Chris Walden: Symphony 1 Four Elements
Title: Symphony 1 Four Elements
Label: Origin Classical

Walden writes with old-school technique but far-reaching vistas. - Downbeat Magazine. Well known throughout his native Germany and in his adopted home of Los Angeles as a consummate composer & arranger for film, orchestras, and his Grammy-nominated Big Band, Chris Walden presents his first Symphony, an exploration of the primal earth, fire, wind and water concepts, conducting the Hollywood Studio Symphony. Walden was honored last year by the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers, and lauded for his groundbreaking "Kurt Marti Suite" for Big Band and Hamburg, Germany's 100-member St. John's Choir (Origin 82482).

1.1 1. Gaia (Andante)
1.2 2. Hudor (Vivace)
1.3 3. Aer (Adagio)
1.4 4. Therma (Allegro)

Chris Walden: Symphony 1 Four Elements

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