Franz Hauk: L'armonia

Franz Hauk: L&
Title: L'armonia
Label: Naxos

Born near Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Simon Mayr spent the greater part of his career in Bergamo, a flourishing cultural and economic centre in the early nineteenth century.

1.1 Chorus: Fair Harmony Awake
1.2 Recitative: Ah Yes, See, Fortunate People
1.3 Aria: What Delight Fills Our Hearts
1.4 Aria: Our Country Feels the Presence of God
1.5 Chorus: What An Outrage! Does Someone Dare Disturb Our Serenity?
1.6 Recitative: People, Friends! a Host of Strangers Come Unforeseen to Wage War
1.7 Aria: A the Trumpet Calls Us to Battle
1.8 Chorus: Victory, Victory
1.9 Recitative: Ah Yes, Take Up Your Harp: The Song of Victory
1.10 Terzetto with Chorus: Where Is Rudolf, Honour of Emperors, Undefeated Hero?
1.11 Recitative: What Solumn Harmony Strikes Our Ears?
1.12 Chorus: Descend from Our Songs Guardian Angel!
1.13 Recitative: Here Is the Temple, Here the Altar
1.14 Terzetto with Chorus: You Have the Power Over the Thunderbolt
1.15 Recitative: What Omen Is This?
1.16 Terzetto with Chorus: He Who Understands the Voice of Heaven
1.17 Finale: Terzetto with Chorus: Let Heaven Resound with Sweet Contentment
1.18 Cantata for the Death of Beethoven for Solists, Chorus and Orchestra

Franz Hauk: L'armonia

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