M. Reger: Welte-Mignon Mystery 5: Max Reger

Max Reger: Welte-Mignon Mystery 5: Max Reger
Title: Welte-Mignon Mystery 5: Max Reger
Label: Tacet Records

This is not an historical recording. Yet mysteriously the music is performed in an interpretation which is historically authentic down to the last detail. The key to this mystery is: The original performer was present at the recent recording session, but not physically: The music is heard on a modern Steinway. Never has music stored in the Welte-Mignon system sounded so "right" or so good. Thanks to TACET's much-praised recording technique, and because the Welte-Mignon memory system and sound production mechanism have now been newly adjusted for the first time by the leading expert in the field - and are thus able to meet TACET's requirements. (Welte-Mignon was invented in 1904.) the Welte-Mignon mystery can now speak to US without distortion.

1.1 Variationen Teil 1
1.2 Variationen Teil 2 Und Fuge
1.3 Ziemlich Langsam
1.4 Sehr Bewegt Und Ausdrucksvoll (Nicht Zu Schnell)
1.5 Andante Sostenuto
1.6 Moderato
1.7 Sostenuto
1.8 Andante Innocente
1.9 Sostenuto Ed Espessivo
1.10 Vivace Assai
1.11 Langsam, Mit Leidenschaftlichem, Durchaus Phantastischem Ausdruck
1.12 Mit Grosser Leidenschaft Und Energie (Zeimlich Schnell)

M. Reger: Welte-Mignon Mystery 5: Max Reger

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