Robert Wyatt: Eps

Robert Wyatt: Eps
Title: Eps
Label: Domino Records UK

2008 digitally remastered five CD EP box set from the beloved British singer/songwriter and former member of Soft Machine. Wyatt's releases come from one of the most distinguished, visionary, influential and singular catalogs in contemporary music. EPs is a box set containing five separate EP length CDs which document different stages in Robert's career and contain material that never appeared on his original albums. The CD set includes extensive liner notes by Robert Wyatt, the original 'Shipbuilding' promo video and a remix EP of tracks from Robert's 1997 album Shleep. The five EPs are housed in individual slipcases and come with a 16-page booklet all designed by Robert's wife Alfie Benge, the inspiration behind much of Robert's work. Domino.

1.1 I'm a Believer
1.2 Memories
1.3 Yesterday Man
1.4 Sonia
1.5 Calyx
1.6 Shipbuilding
1.7 Memories of You
1.8 Round Midnight * Pigs... (In There)
1.9 Chairman Mao
1.10 Yolanda
1.11 Te Recuerdo Amanda
1.12 Biko
1.13 Amber and the Amberines
1.14 The Animals Film
1.15 Was a Friend
1.16 Maryan (Remix)
1.17 A Sunday in Madrid
1.18 Free Will and Testament
5.4 Free Will and Testament [Remix]

Robert Wyatt: Eps

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