Michal Michalski

Michal Michalski: The Cat Lady (Original Game Soundtrack)

$37.70 $45.98
Release Date: 10/02/2020

Artist: Michal Michalski
Title: The Cat Lady (Original Game Soundtrack)
Product Type: VINYL LP

In collaboration with Harvester Games and composer Michal 'micAmic' Michalski, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to The Cat Lady on wax for the first time ever. Taken from the second game in REM Michalski's 'The Devil Came Through Here' trilogy, The Cat Lady's moody soundtrack punctuates the nightmarish fantasy world in which protagonists Susan Ashworth and Mitzi Hunt are trapped during their battle against 5 inhuman 'parasites'.

1.1 A1. Don't Follow the Light
1.2 A2. Plainwalker
1.3 A3. Low Power
1.4 A4. Lily of the Valley
1.5 A5. Tarnov's Butcher
1.6 A6. Zebras Are Coming
1.7 A7. Susan's Blue Sheep (Alone Again)
1.8 B1. Decimal Crouch
1.9 B2. Sometimes
1.10 B3. One Foot on the Other Side
1.11 B4. I Have Mouth But I Can't Scream
1.12 B5. Psycho
1.13 B6. Dime Ward
1.14 B7. String
1.15 B8. Autumn
2.1 C1. Two Stone Rings
2.2 C2. Devil Came Through Here
2.3 C3. Ultra Filtered
2.4 C4. Tainted Scratch
2.5 C5. the Storm Has Come (Again)
2.6 C6. False Santa
2.7 C7. We're All Dead Inside (So Sit Back and Relax)
2.8 D1. Goat Dance
2.9 D2. Fast Drive
2.10 D3. Masked Murderer
2.11 D4. Edge
2.12 D5. Early Winter
2.13 D6. Storytelling
2.14 D7. Forever

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