Jon Alberts: Apothecary

Jon Alberts: Apothecary
Title: Apothecary
Label: Origin Records

Located in a converted Chinese herbalist's shop in Seattle's historic Ballard neighborhood, pianist Jon Alberts' Fu Kun Wu Lounge blends this heady ambiance with the eclecticism of modern jazz. Alberts, along with his luminary band mates, Jeff Johnson (bass) and Tad Britton (drums) have appeared weekly there for over a decade blending an aesthetic prescription with a subdued swing that is surely a cure for the ordinary. "Apothecary" conveys much of the hidden beauty of the Seattle jazz scene providing evidence that jazz is alive and well there. There isn't any other place quite like the Fu Kun Wu Lounge and no other musicians make the most of it like Alberts, Johnson and Britton.

1.1 Green Dolphin Street
1.2 Bemsha Swing
1.3 Nardis
1.4 In Your Own Sweet Way
1.5 Summer Band Camp
1.6 Mysterioso
1.7 Turnout the Stars
1.8 Footprints
1.9 Some Other Time

Jon Alberts: Apothecary

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