Lisbeth Quartett: Release

Lisbeth Quartett: Release
Title: Release
Label: Intakt Records

With Release, the highly acclaimed Lisbeth Quartett presentsa greatly anticipated album on Intakt Records. Aftertwelve years and five albums, Charlotte Greve, who has justbeen awarded the German Jazz Prize for "Artist of the Year",has relied on her intuitive sensibilities to create the new musicfor Release. The result is an album marked by sensitiveinterplay - a collection of stunningly subtle and melodicallypronounced songs that are both gentle and powerfully fluid.Even if the musicians are across the world in Berlin or NewYork City, all traveling and working on their respective projects,they seem to meld and blend with ease because oftheir history together and their knowledge of each other'sinstrumental styles. "They have all cultivated the ability toplay their instruments gently and cleanly aligning with thestyle of even sounds and tone they have refined throughouttheir journeys together. Twelve years is a long time and thespan of thousands of moments that they have shared havingbrought them to where they are today, working as a unit, creatingnew music in this post-modern era and continuing theirlegacy as a leading band in the international jazz landscape",writes Jordannah Elizabeth in the liner notes.

1.1 Full Circling
1.2 Bayou
1.3 Le Mistral
1.4 Ellipsis
1.5 Arrow
1.6 Interlude
1.7 Opener
1.8 Release
1.9 Outro

Lisbeth Quartett: Release

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