Exciter: Exciter

Exciter: Exciter
Title: Exciter
Label: Magnetic Air

Exciter was one of the most influential bands of the 1980's. They were the fastest, most furious and exciting act to tour the world at that time. Every true metal head knows the band and now this, one of their finest releases is coming back to entertain a whole new generation of diehard metal fans. This isa must for any collector of 80's metal

1.1 Scream Bloody Murder
1.2 Back in the Light
1.3 Ready to Rock
1.4 O.T.T
1.5 I Wanna Be King
1.6 Enemy Lines
1.7 Dying to Live - Exciter, McPhee, Angus
1.8 Playin' with Fire
1.9 Eyes in the Sky
1.10 Termination

Exciter: Exciter

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