Mus: Aida - Bliss Out V. 17

Mus: Aida - Bliss Out V. 17
Title: Aida - Bliss Out V. 17
Label: Darla Records

This fantastic Spanish duo Monica Vacas & Fran Gayo are known for their unique brand of blue & beautiful ambience songs that evoke sublime yet IMAX size cinematic themes & a soft techno influence. Also ever-present is the acoustic beauty of Tim Buckley Mazzy Star the Montgolfier Brothers Nick Drake & early Le Mans. Mus pronounced moose have a unique sound that beautifully frames a jewel at it's center; Monica's sensual vocals are sung in Asturian an exotic language spoken in t.

1.1 Aquel Inviernu
1.2 A Cielu Abiertu

Mus: Aida - Bliss Out V. 17

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