Stormtroopers of Death: Speak English or Die (Platinum Edt)

S.O.D.: Speak English or Die (Platinum Edt)
Title: Speak English or Die (Platinum Edt)
Label: Megaforce

S.O.D. first made their mark on the world in 1984 with the release of the ground-breaking alubm Speak English Or Die. Now 15 years later comes the revamped version fo the album. It features 8 new live trackes, recorded during their recent tour in Japan and 2 studio tracks.

1.1 March of the S.O.D
1.2 Sargent 'D' ; the S.O.D
1.3 Kill Yourself
1.4 Milano Mosh
1.5 Speak English or Die
1.6 United Forces
1.7 Chromatic Death
1.8 Pi Alpha Nu
1.9 Anti-Procrastination Song
1.10 What's That Noise
1.11 Freddy Kreuger
1.12 Milk
1.13 Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues
1.14 Pussy Whipped
1.15 Fist Banging Mania
1.16 No Turning Back
1.17 Fuck the Middle East
1.18 Douche Crew
1.19 Hey Gordy!
1.20 The Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
1.21 Diamonds and Rust (Extended Version)
1.22 Identity
1.23 Go (S.O.D. Live in Tokyo)
1.24 March of the S.O.D./Sargent 'D'
1.25 Kill Yourself
1.26 Milano Mosh
1.27 Speak English or Die
1.28 Fuck the Middle East/Douche Crew
1.29 Not/Momo/Taint/The Camel Boy/Diamonds and Rust/Anti-Procrastination Song
1.30 Milk
1.31 United Forces
1.32 Bonus Track 1
1.33 Bonus Track 2

Stormtroopers of Death: Speak English or Die (Platinum Edt)

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