Tony Macalpine: Master of Paradise

Tony Macalpine: Master of Paradise
Title: Master of Paradise
Label: Shrapnel

As a solo artist, band member, session player, touring hired-gun or a producer, Tony MacAlpine heightens that status in that select fraternity of musicians. MacAlpin debuts as a lead vocalist on this album, as he continues to stretch most accepted contemporary music boundaries. All the well-known MacAlpine ingredients are present, the blinding arpeggios, the new-classical compositions, and the trademark dynamic rhythms. Track list includes: "Master of Paradis," "Live to Die," "Circus," "Still," "Time," "Tear of Darkness," "Imagination," "Final Hour," "Au Bord D'Une Sourdce"

1.1 Tears of Darkness
1.2 Live to Die
1.3 Circus
1.4 Still
1.5 Time
1.6 Master of Paradise
1.7 Imagination
1.8 Maker Is King
1.9 Final Hour
1.10 Au Bord D'une Source

Tony Macalpine: Master of Paradise

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