Ufo: Best of Singles A's & B's

Ufo: Best of Singles A&
Title: Best of Singles A's & B's
Label: Repertoire

Every essential single put out by this British hard-rock band boasting one of the true '70s and '80s guitar heroes in Michael Schenker! Includes Unidentified Flying Object; Timothy; Prince Kajuku; Galactic Love; Give Her the Gun; Lonely Heart; Alone Again Or; Only You Can Rock Me, and more. 40 tracks with extensive notes!

1.1 Shake It About
1.2 (Come Away) Melinda
1.3 Unidentified Flying Object
1.4 Boogie
1.5 Treacle Peop0Le
1.6 C'mon Everybody
1.7 Timothy
1.8 Prince Kajuku
1.9 The Coming of Prince Kajuku
1.10 Galactic Love
1.11 Loving Cup
1.12 Give Her the Gun
1.13 Sweet Little Thing
1.14 Doctor Doctor
1.15 Lipstick Traces
1.16 Shoot Shoot
1.17 Love Lost Love
1.18 Alone Again or
1.19 Only You Can Rock Me
1.20 Cherry
1.21 Rock Bottom
2.1 Doctor, Doctor (Live)
2.2 On with the Action (Live)
2.3 Young Blood
2.4 Lights Out
2.5 Couldn't Get It Right
2.6 Hot 'N' Ready
2.7 Lonely Heart
2.8 Long Gone
2.9 Let It Rain
2.10 Heel of a Stranger
2.11 You'll Get Love
2.12 Back Into My Life
2.13 The Writer
2.14 When It's Time to Rock
2.15 Everybody Knows
2.16 This Time
2.17 The Chase
2.18 Night Run (U.S. Remix)
2.19 Heaven's Gate (U.S. Remix)

Ufo: Best of Singles A's & B's

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