Urban Dance Squad: Artantica

Urban Dance Squad: Artantica
Title: Artantica
Label: Triple X Records

The latest offering from the ground-breaking Dutch band Urban Dance Squad is the most solid and hard-hitting effort to date. This musical smorgasbord serves up some tasty reggae, rap, ethereal, electronical and breakbeat served together to please. Tracks: "Step Off," "Bank Stock 6 Zeros," 'Fearless," "Artantica," "Music Entertainment," "Happy Go Fxcked Up" and more!

1.1 Step Off
1.2 Happy Go Fucked Up
1.3 Letter to Da Better
1.4 Bank Stock 6 Zeros
1.5 Hard-Headed Headstrong
1.6 Craftmatic Adjustable Girl
1.7 Fearless
1.8 Ghost Called Loneliness
1.9 Limousine
1.10 Artantica
1.11 Chain-Locked to Nowhere
1.12 QS ; As on An O.D. Part One
1.13 QS ; As on An O.D. Part Two
1.14 Music Entertainment

Urban Dance Squad: Artantica

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