Maggie Donnelly: Hero Waitress Whatever

Maggie Donnelly: Hero Waitress Whatever
Title: Hero Waitress Whatever
Label: CD Baby

People are always playing 'Imagine' in New York. I don't think I've ever made it a full week without hearing that song somewhere in Manhattan. And every single time it comes on - without fail - someone in the vicinity stops what he is doing and says, 'I love this song. It's an incredible song.' It's staggering. I am shocked every time because it happens every time. And while 'Imagine' is far from my favorite song, I have to respect that Mr. Lennon did something that still, to this day, makes people stop what they are doing and say 'I love this song.' How do you do that? How do you write songs that make people stop what they are doing? How did he and a group of dudes with long hair come along (long before 'Imagine') and turn music on it's head? I have to think that songwriters are constantly trying to capture that thing - that fleeting, unnamed thing - that makes ordinary people stop what they are doing and listen. I know I'm searching for that. Shoot, I've got nets and a bow and arrow and bait and traps and I am chasing this 'thing' through the forest on a regular basis like a wild, ginger huntress. Yet, what i've discovered is that in the rare moments when I've fallen asleep in a tree or have stopped running to tie my shoe, the thing comes to me. It finds me. Alone on a Saturday night. Or on a bus to DC. Or at 5am when I've given up on everything for the umpteenth time this month. The truth finds me and makes me pick up a pen and write some words down. Sometimes those words scan just right and then they look at me and demand a piano or a kick-drum. When those moments happen, I simply have to obey. I realized about six months ago that I had unwittingly written enough material for a couple of albums. This EP is my first full-fledged effort as a singer/songwriter. I picked four very different songs and put them together in about three and a half months. They are a reflection of exactly who I am in this moment. I hope you can enjoy them in the spirit in which I have thrown them into the world - a mix of hope, humor, and a little bit of spiky snark. This is a beginning. This is Liverpool. This is, I think, 'the moment before.' And if I can make you crack a smile just once in four songs, maybe I'm getting somewhere. Maybe someday, I can make someone stop what he is doing and say, 'I love this song.' Until then, I invite evolution, humility, and love to continue to shape my truths. To my tribe in Orange County, California; to the musicians and producers who blew me away every studio session; to the world at large; I humbly submit this, my beginning.

1.1 Hero. Waitress. Whatever
1.2 Losing Sleep (Your Stupid Face)
1.3 (I Will) Wait
1.4 Too Late

Maggie Donnelly: Hero Waitress Whatever

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