Vaselyne: The Sea Says

Vaselyne: The Sea Says
Title: The Sea Says
Label: Cop International

Good Albums are more than just a collection of great tracks but also a well-told story. A great record takes you on a journey with mountains to climb, oceans to navigate and a depth of emotions to explore. Vaselyne's true magic becomes especially apparent in this format. It really allows them to fully display their musical prowess and ability to take their audience on an almost spiritual quest. "The Sea Says" tells stories of loss, burned bridges, and new beginnings. In short Vaselyne talks about life in a compelling and beautiful way. And like the Sirens of old Yvette Winkler's voice captures your heart by the sweetness of her song, while Frank Weyzig draws from his storied career and adds a depth of musical mastery that is equally breathtaking. Together they create one of the most exciting new voices in their genre Dark Wave with a glow is how the band presents their music and it seems like an apt description. Darkness permeates the soul of their music but there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. It is that spirit that captures the imagination of the listener and makes Vaselyne a force to be reckoned with. "The Sea Says" will enthrall you with it's magic! Das Frühjahr beginnt mit einem wohltuenden Klangbonbon für die gestresste Seele/ Spring begins with a benevolent soundscape for stressed souls Sonic Seducer / Breda Massmann "Poetry in Motion" Orkus Magazine / Claudia Zinn_Zinnenburg Dutch duo VASELYNE cover the TORI AMOS classic 'Winter' and it is no disaster. In fact, it's a triumph. The fragile vulnerability of the original is given a bold, orchestrated swoosh while losing none of the sheer beauty that makes this so special. The layered vocals and harmonies here are lush and organic, and what was once perhaps a barely noticed snowdrop bobbing around in a frosty breeze, now becomes a whole field of them, commanding your attention and dazzling you with their defiant show of resilience and prettiness. Reflectionsofdarkness. Com

1.1 To the Fire
1.2 Here to Begin
1.3 Under Your Skin
1.4 Waiting to Exhale
1.5 Shame
1.6 I Surrender
1.7 One Day All This Could Be Yours (Oceansize Cover)
1.8 Pair of Three
1.9 Forever After
1.10 Love Failed to Save Me
1.11 Down (Featuring Dr. Strangefryer)
1.12 Blood in the Water
1.13 Ortuo

Vaselyne: The Sea Says

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