Old 97's: Wreck Your Life

Old 97&
Title: Wreck Your Life
Label: Bloodshot Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Wreck Your Life documents a band hitting it's stride, the confidence growing as quickly as the crowds, and this 1995 classic holds up beautifully. True punk mettle fearlessly cross-bred with deep country soul. Limited edition 180 gram heavyweight LP is the first time ever this stone-cold classic has been available as a stand-alone vinyl release!

1.1 Victoria
1.2 The Other Shoe
1.3 Doreen
1.4 You Belong to My Heart
1.5 Big Brown Eyes
1.6 Dressing Room Walls
1.7 W-I-F-E
1.8 Bel Air
1.9 My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin'
1.10 Old Familiar Steam
1.11 Over the Cliff
1.12 Goin', Goin', Gone

Old 97's: Wreck Your Life

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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