µ-Ziq: Somerset Avenue Tracks [1992-1995]

µ-Ziq: Somerset Avenue Tracks [1992-1995]
Title: Somerset Avenue Tracks [1992-1995]
Label: Planet Mu

Double CD collection. To celebrate 20 years of µ-Ziq and Planet Mu's 300th release, label owner Mike Paradinas prepared this collection charting unreleased productions from the start of his career in the early '90s. Pulled together by his wife and partner in the band He erotic, Lara Rix-Martin, the tracks run the gamut from the placid, evocative ambient Rhodes of 'Air' to the syncopated industrial Techno of 'Toy Gun #2,' with lots more in between. Disc Two features a dozen more bonus tracks that didn't fit on the original, limited-edition vinyl version released earlier this year.

1.1 Jewel Tea
1.2 Vinxel
1.3 Trail Quest
1.4 Toy Gun #2
1.5 Spooky Tooth
1.6 Air
1.7 Pollux
1.8 STR06
1.9 Diala
1.10 Airto
1.11 Johnson's Q-Fab
1.12 Green Lanes
1.13 Toss
1.14 Boistron
1.15 Preero
1.16 Victor's March
1.17 Ischjgt MMP
1.18 Billy Bellsium
1.19 Boilig
1.20 Sinc
1.21 Poc
1.22 Ropt
1.23 Oh
1.24 Melodion

µ-Ziq: Somerset Avenue Tracks [1992-1995]

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