10 Second Empire

10 Second Empire: 10 Second Empire

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Artist: 10 Second Empire
Title: 10 Second Empire

10 Second Empire was a short-lived project by bandmembers Wayne Larsen (Gargamel!, Sir Voh), Darin Bridges (Gargamel!, KOW), and Tim Cordy (Kites With Lights). The band started out with Tim Cordy and Wayne Larsen mixing hard rock guitars and hip hop beats in a small warehouse and thought long-time friend Darin Bridges might want to be involved in some way. Darin started playing bass guitar through a distorted amp and singing sweet but brooding alternative rock lyrics. The three decided they had found a unique style that rocked, grooved, and hit the heart strings. With seven songs written, they went into the studio with engineer John Teer of Shock Lizard Studios. Upon reviewing the final tracks, they decided two of the songs didn't fit with the rest of the group, so they decided to release a 5 song EP. Unfortunately the band parted ways when their main sampler and hard drive were stolen and it made no sense to start back over trying to recreate the magic that once was. One tragic incident made the band name a self-fulfilling prophecy. The five songs on the 10 Second Empire EP are well-crafted alternative rock hits with tense vocals, thick guitars, fat beats and sweet synths. They were truly ahead of their time - a type of Tears For Fears for the grunge age. If you dig the songs on the EP, you may also like the two harder-edged unreleased tracks, 'Letters', and 'Glands', available as download-only MP3's.

1.1 Say Nothing
1.2 Leave
1.3 Intercross
1.4 Bundle of Nerves
1.5 All for This

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