2-Tones: No More Nothin'

2-Tones: No More Nothin&
Artist: 2-Tones
Title: No More Nothin'

The 2-Tones are a well known band from the Dutch rockabilly scene. They mix several styles from the rock 'n' roll era - like swing, jive, country, rock 'n' roll & rockabilly and create their own sound, played on authentic 50's instruments. The band's debut CD has a large collection of songs, 24 all together. Recommended to fans of Rockabilly !

1.1 You Can Do No Wrong
1.2 Standing on a Rock
1.3 Tennessee Toddy
1.4 You're There
1.5 Milk 'Em in the Morning Blues
1.6 Getting Tired of Me
1.7 Buzz Buzz Buzz
1.8 One Toothbrush
1.9 Rockin' Rollin' Stone
1.10 Honky Tonk Queen
1.11 If I Ever
1.12 Cincinnati Lou
1.13 Chicken Chack Boogie
1.14 Beady Eye
1.15 No More Nothin'
1.16 Take a Boogie Real Lowe
1.17 Don't Fuck Around with Love
1.18 Cherokee Boogie
1.19 Doggone Lie
1.20 Mister Whiz
1.21 Pretty Little Lady
1.22 I Wonder If You Wonder
1.23 Head Home
1.24 Something I Said

2-Tones: No More Nothin'

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