21 Tandem Repeats: Never Wanted to Be Anyone

21 Tandem Repeats: Never Wanted to Be Anyone
Title: Never Wanted to Be Anyone
Label: CD Baby

21 Tandem Repeats - Never Wanted To Be Anyone (Canada Lynx Records) After recently finding out that The Rheostatics had broken up after nearly 2 decades of stellar service, I was left with the question of 'who now will assume the mantle of most Canadian band'? Early returns had such established acts as The Sadies and The Weakerthans vying for my attention. Either one could probably be annointed as the promised ones without too much grumbling from the masses. But you know, 'Most Canadian Band' is a tough thing to quantify. Ya gotta be kinda folky to show your Gordon Lightfoot roots... kinda Country like Stompin' Tom Connors (of course)... ya gotta rock like The Guess Who and you gotta be real smart, like Neil Young. That's a lot for any band to aspire to, but 21 Tandem Repeats shows real promise in all those areas... they are the quintessential 5 tool player, and will be making their move on the front runners any time now. Red Cat Records.

1.1 Come Again
1.2 Jupiter
1.3 Fuse Lit Bombs
1.4 Wishing Machine
1.5 Blue Skies
1.6 Bay City Kitty
1.7 Never Wanted to Be Anyone
1.8 Failure
1.9 Last Call
1.10 Dish Pig
1.11 Maiden

21 Tandem Repeats: Never Wanted to Be Anyone

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