23 Skidoo: Just Like Everybody

23 Skidoo: Just Like Everybody
Title: Just Like Everybody
Label: LTM

LTM is proud to announce a series of expanded reissues on CD and download by seminal post-punk group 23 Skidoo. Initially active between 1979 and 1986, 23 Skidoo released a series of genre-defining records fusing post-punk, dub, industrial, world and hip-hop styles. Their classic singles include Last Words, Tearing Up the Plans, Coup and Language. Albums include Seven Songs (an indie chart #1), the Culling Is Coming and Urban Gamelan. In 2000 the group returned with a self-titled album, 23 Skidoo, and remain hugely influential. Just Like Everybody (disc one) is a compilation covering 1980 to 1986, and includes the full 12 inch versions of Skidoo's signature singles such as Last Words, Coup, Language and Assassin, as well as key album tracks, and both sides of rare debut Ethics from 1980.

1.1 Kundalini
1.2 Vegas El Bandito
1.3 Iy
1.4 Last Words (12Inch Edit)
1.5 Just Like Everybody
1.6 Coup (Cassette Mix)
1.7 Language (12Inch Dub)
1.8 Kongo-Do
1.9 Celestial Flutes
1.10 Ooze
1.11 Mahgrebi
1.12 Assassin (Shugyosha Step)
1.13 Shrine
1.14 Ethics
1.15 Another Baby's Face
1.16 Last Dub
2.1 Roninstep
2.2 Meltdown
2.3 What Y'all Gon' Do
2.4 Eye Spy
2.5 23 Break
2.6 100 Dark
2.7 Lightening Beats
2.8 Cushite
2.9 The Best
2.10 Suspense
2.11 Mr. Lee Are You Ready?
2.12 Clan Break
2.13 Elephants
2.14 Reachin' Break
2.15 Liquid Noise
2.16 Return of the Dragon
2.17 Recoup

23 Skidoo: Just Like Everybody

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