2Late: A Little 2Late

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Artist: 2Late

Artist: 2Late
Title: A Little 2Late

In the seven-plus years we've been singing together, there have been changes. The group name changed at least three times, although not since the first year. Venues have opened and venues have closed, and sometimes both. Mike got three new hats. Vicki changed her hair style seven times. But one thing hasn't changed . . . we're still playing music we love and working hard to make sure that music is as good as we can possibly make it. Neither one of us could have even imagined, back in 2004 when it all started, that in 2011 we'd still be going strong and completing our third album. Now, we can't imagine stopping. Releasing an album and sending original songs out into the world for people to hear is an emotional experience for us. A song starts it's existence as just a title or a couple of lines, or perhaps a lick on the guitar. If the mood is right, it grows into a complete story, some easily, some not so much. Maybe then it's put into the back of the songwriting notebook for another time. But just maybe, the right melody blends the words together, and finally, the voices and instruments add the third dimension and the song emerges as a living, vibrant thing. Not every song we write makes it on a 2Late album. These are some of our favorites, and some of our most requested songs as well. We hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoy making the music.

1.1 Departure
1.2 It's Raining
1.3 Still Learning
1.4 Only One
1.5 Want to Be Your Man
1.6 Nowhere Doing Nothing
1.7 Telemarker
1.8 Fly Away
1.9 Waiting for the Breeze to Blow
1.10 What to Say
1.11 Seven Lonely Songs
1.12 Duct Tape My Heart
1.13 (I Did Not) Kill the Kid
1.14 It's a Little Too Late

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