4 Mars

4 Mars: Super Somali Sounds From The Gulf Of Tadjoura

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: 4 Mars

Title: Super Somali Sounds From The Gulf Of Tadjoura
Label: Ostinato Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

In 2019, after negotiations spanning many years, Ostinato Records became the first label granted access to the grand Archives of Radiodiffusion-Télévision de Djibouti (RTD), a vault of secrets and stories from East Africa. The first result in our Djibouti Archives series is a seminal anthology of 4 Mars, a 40-member Somali supergroup behind the most streamed and downloaded track on our Grammy-nominated Sweet As Broken Dates compilation. Turkish synths, Jamaican Reggae, American brass, Bollywood vocals, Egyptian and Yemeni rhythms, and Chinese and Mongolian flutes all rendezvous in a corner of East Africa that for centuries served as the world's most brisk trading hub, the midway point connecting Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Ultimately, this is Somali music at it's sassy, soulful, synthesized best. Warmly restored and remastered from digitized master reels and cassettes. Double LP housed in a luxurious matte-finished gatefold sleeve with a poster inspired by the political banners of 1980s Djibouti and a hardcover bookcase CD with a 12-page booklet.

1.1 Natesha (Compassion)
1.2 Hobalayeey Nabadu! (Hello Peace!)
1.3 Dhulka Hooyo (Motherland)
1.4 Tamarta (Power)
1.5 Daroor (The Rain Didn't Come)
1.6 Bulsha Yahay Haddadau
1.7 Baxsanow Ismaacil
1.8 Lama Rabeen Karo (It Cannot Be Desired)
1.9 Tilman Baa Lagu Socdaa (Follow the Rules)
1.10 Inkaar Waalid (The Elders' Curse)
1.11 Abaal (Gratitude)
1.12 Gabadha Soo Galbiya (Song to Escort Newlyweds)
1.13 Maalkii Runta Ahaa Anigaa Ka Rooree (I Turned Away a True Treasure)

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