Forty: Escribiendo Sentimientos en Rimas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Forty

Title: Escribiendo Sentimientos en Rimas
Label: CD Baby

Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Army Brat), raised in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Forty is one of the local "Hottest" upcoming Spanish Artist in Orlando, Florida. Inspired in his past life events, Forty began writing songs coming straight from the heart and from his own personal view of social problems of everyday's life. Such skills have given Forty the cutting edge to be at the top of the elite in the local music industries. 2011, Forty releases his first Album CD "Escribiendo Sentimientos en Rimas" (Writing Feelings in Rhymes). This album have songs such as 'En la Distancia' (In The Distance) and 'El Tiempo Lo Dira' (Time Will Tell) dedicated to one of his daughters and to parents going thru P.A.S. And Songs like 'Mi Mundo' (My World) and 'Gracias Te Doy' (I Thank You) where he expresses some of his experiences in life. This Album promises to be an outstanding music production, featuring various music genres such as Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Reggae, Spanish Rock, Salsa, and more.

1.1 Boricuas N Da Mix
1.2 Candela
1.3 Dime
1.4 Ese Soy Yo
1.5 Sigan Provocandome
1.6 Loqueras
1.7 Mi Mundo
1.8 Gracias Te Doy
1.9 El Tiempo Lo Dira
1.10 En la Distancia
1.11 Mis Princesas
1.12 Sin Ti
1.13 Ese So Yo [80's Remix]
1.14 Gracias Te Doy [Regueton Mix]
1.15 Dime [Remix]

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