46Bliss: 46Bliss

46Bliss: 46Bliss
Title: 46Bliss
Label: CD Baby

--46bliss's remix of 'Silent Night' sung by Mahalia Jackson now released on the Six Degrees CD: 'Christmas Remixed Vol. 2' Allmusic.com called the remix 'huge and majestic'. --The Way You Are was featured in the season premiere episode of 'CSI: NY' on CBS-TV, Wed. Sept. 21st at 10pm EST! --The song 'The Way You Are' is featured on the Veronica Mars Soundtrack CD, on Nettwerk Records, released Sept. 27th 2005. --The song 'The Way You Are' #1 on the Pop (with electronic production) chart at mp3tunes.com, and #5 out of all 331,000 songs for sale on the site. --NEWS FLASH-- 46bliss on 'VERONICA MARS'! The song 'The Way You Are' was featured on the Jan. 4th episode on UPN. --NEWS FLASH-- The 46bliss remix of Mahalia Jackson singing 'White Christmas' for Old Navy's 'Jazzy Jolly' CD was featured in an article in the Washington Post and syndicated across the US! 'In A Long Time' was recently named Track of the Week at GarageBand.com, and ranked #15 of all-time in the Pop category! The first 46bliss CD, 'pistachio home' garnered rave reviews from the likes of Billboard Magazine, which called it 'Hypnotically catchy'. CMJ called it 'A sheer melting pot of dreamy soundscapes and non-stop rhythms that defy the trappings of the electronica genre.' Early in 2004, 46bliss premiered the new song 'In A Long Time' by becoming a winner in the 'International Songwriting Competition', out of 11,000 entries. The song hits the streets, together with 8 other fantastic songs, on their new self-titled CD, available now in a special limited edition pressing timed to coincide with the spot on GarageBand. Be among the first to own this important musical work - buy '46bliss' and feel the bliss!

1.1 In a Long Time
1.2 Desire Give Way
1.3 Love in Vision
1.4 The Way You Are
1.5 Yabaseo
1.6 Three Days to Live
1.7 Kalimba
1.8 Inner Sensation
1.9 The Way You Are (Part 2)

46Bliss: 46Bliss

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