50 Cent: War Angel

50 Cent: War Angel
Artist: 50 Cent
Title: War Angel

2010 street release. 50 Cent... millionaire... emcee... businessman... actor. Curtis Jackson has transformed himself into a worldwide phenomenon. From the streets of South Jamaica, Queens to the bright lights of Hollywood, 50 has adapted to any environment that he is in. What other infamous crack dealer and recipient of nine gunshot wounds could actually make appearances on the Jay Leno Show? 50's music is a mirror image of his life, as Get Rich Or Die Trying was his Ready to Die... an album that spoke of what were the harsh realities of his life. Over 10 years after he first stepped into the Hip Hop game, and 50 is still making hits. War Angel is a street offering of 11 songs that remind US that even though 50 might now reside in a mansion and rub elbows with politicians, he's still Curtis Jackson from Southside Jamaica, Queens.

1.1 I Line N*Ggas
1.2 Talking in Codes
1.3 Ok You're Right
1.4 Redrum Murder
1.5 Cream 2009
1.6 I'll Do Anything
1.7 London Girl
1.8 Better Come on
1.9 Your a Game
1.10 Get the Message
1.11 Cocaine
1.12 I Gotta Win

50 Cent: War Angel

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