50 Cover 3

50 Cover 3: Sandbox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: 50 Cover 3

Title: Sandbox
Label: CD Baby

As an Iraqi Freedom war veteran, much of the album is derived from my experiences serving overseas. Musically, I always felt as if this was missing in the industry. While there are plenty of artists out there who do their best to speak of the ambiguous topic of war, we have yet to hear these stories told straight from a soldier's point-of-view. This is what Sandbox offers; a first hand look of war from someone who was there vs. Speculation. That being said, not every song on the album speaks of war. Sandbox's meaning is actually twofold. For the title of the song, yes, Sandbox does speak solely about my time spent overseas. But the conceptual meaning of Sandbox as the name of the album is actually a tribute to when we were young; a time when the world was simple and made sense (for most of us anyway). Things were essentially black and white and far less complicated as a youth. But as we grow old, we begin to feel the pressures of daily responsibility while trying to make our way in an ever-changing, hectic world. A world I love, but hectic nonetheless. I'm not one for big selling speeches for my music but I hope you'll lend an ear. Thanks everyone!

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