66Crusher: Truth Unmasked

66Crusher: Truth Unmasked
Title: Truth Unmasked
Label: CD Baby

Progressive Thrash Metal from Bergen, Norway - Brilliant, Brutal and Beautiful... History: Jarle and Håkon started the band in 2000, out of the ashes of Jarles previous band. Members then were Jarle, Håkon and Krister (now in Phantom Pain). The powertrio rehearsed for a year or so, but decided that one guitar just wasn't enough. Enter Jarle's life long friend and guitarwizzard Jonny Wolf. This is the point where the songs started to get a more progressive edge. Bassplayer Krister decided to leave 66crusher in the beginning of '02, and then they were a powertrio yet again. The first songs from 'truth unmasked' saw the primitive beginning in 2002. But you cannot have a complete band without a bassplayer. Numerous faces tried, but they didn't make the high criteria of musicianship, until they hooked up with Øystein kummen (from Deathfare), and the line-up was complete. They wrote more intricate songs, and started to build up a live-set, which were executed at Hole in the Sky and at numerous support jobs in Bergen, like Enslaved and Manifest. In June '05 they started the recording of 'truth unmasked', a project, that because of several delays, lasted until december. This was done in Conclave Studios by Bjørnar E. Nilsen. The album was mixed by Herbrand Larsen in Earshot studios in april '06. They landed a deal with American label Misanthropica Enterprises, and the debut album is released in May 2007. But this is just the beginning.... Members: Jarle Olsvoll: guitar and vocals Håkon Obdsaija Bergstad: drums and cymbals Jonny Wolf: guitars Øystein Kummen: bass guitar.

1.1 Eye of the Betrayer
1.2 Game
1.3 Mindtrapped, Pt. 1
1.4 Mindtrapped, Pt. 2
1.5 Twelve Winters Strong
1.6 Twenty Years of Silence
1.7 Disciple
1.8 Unmasking the Truth
1.9 Tables Have Turned

66Crusher: Truth Unmasked

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