808 State

808 State: Ex: El

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Product Type: CD
Artist: 808 State

Title: Ex: El
Label: Salvo

Digitally re-mastered and expanded two CD edition of this 1991 album from the Manchester Techno/Acid House outfit including 10 bonus tracks.. It's 1991, the height of the Madchester phenomenon, and 808 State have just released their fourth album, ex: el. The first single from that album, 'Cbik' B&W 'Olympic', reached #10 in November 1990. For Graham Massey, 808 State's head honcho, 'Cbik' was a progression musically, again giving him the chance to add real instruments across the technology of Techno. The band may have been famous for taking their name from the Roland TR-808 drum machine but, for Graham, the instrument that colored a great deal of ex: el was the newest Roland keyboard of the time, the JD-800! This edition of the classic album features a bonus CD that contains 10 additional tracks including remixes and more. Salvo. 2010.

1.1 San Francisco
1.2 Spanish Heart (Featuring Bernard Sumner)
1.3 Leo Leo
1.4 Qmart (Featuring BJ?
1.5 Nephatiti
1.6 Lift
1.7 Ooops (Featuring BJ?
1.8 Empire
1.9 In Yer Face (In Yer Face Mix)
1.10 C?Ik
1.11 Lambrusco Cowboy
1.12 Techno Bell
1.13 Olympic
2.1 In Yer Face (Facially Yours Remix)
2.2 Olympic (Euro Bass Mix)
2.3 Lift (Heavy Mix)
2.4 C?Ik (State to Pan Am Mix)
2.5 Open Your Mind (Sound Garden Mix)
2.6 Lambrusco Cowboy (Alt Mix)
2.7 Ski Family
2.8 Ooops (Mellow Birds Mix)
2.9 In Yer Face (Cheadle Royal Mix)
2.10 Olympic (Unreleased Mix)

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