A.C. Bushnell

A.C. Bushnell: A-1 Motel

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Product Type: CD
Artist: A.C. Bushnell

Artist: A.C. Bushnell
Title: A-1 Motel

Country Americana at it's best! Original songs with creative story telling and easy to imagine visuals. Featuring acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass, fiddle, harmonica, piano and more.

1.1 Hey, AC
1.2 The Extra Mile
1.3 Say Hello to Goodbye
1.4 Darlin' It's True
1.5 The A-1 Motel
1.6 Backyard Party
1.7 Fit Together
1.8 Welcome to My Life
1.9 The Right to Cry
1.10 When the Bottle Goes Up
1.11 Country in My Soul
1.12 Still Not Over You
1.13 My Country Song
1.14 19th on Your List

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