A Choired Taste

A Choired Taste: Bitch

$6.86 $7.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: A Choired Taste

Title: Bitch
Label: CD Baby

The Title of this album is a verb. These songs 'Bitch' about various things wrong with the world, so we thought it would be appropriate. All these songs have deep, emotional meaning to us and we had a blast producing them. Enjoy and hopefully see you soon ! Note this album is short, 5 songs and we've reduced the price accordingly. This way you get a single theme and don't have to buy something you didn't really want! We hope this approach makes you happy. Please let us know: AChoiredTaste@aol.com Thanks, HP and 'A Choired Taste' We'll have another CD after this, called 'Dessert' which will be have sweet, romantic songs. The album after that will be 'Quit Your Bitchin'': back to same topic !!

1.1 Bushy Tailed Cat
1.2 Storm
1.3 Party
1.4 God Takes a Break
1.5 Freedom

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