A.J. Debravo: Coming Out at Last

A.J. Debravo: Coming Out at Last
Title: Coming Out at Last
Label: CD Baby

AJ is a gifted vocalist with an unique talent and abilty to bring out the 'Heart and Soul' of any song he sings. Incredibly, DeBravo has an four and a half octave vocal range, and a well seasoned ability to interpret any song. He sings a variety of music styles, all with the same energy and passion. How many singers can render the authentic sound and style of Smokey Robinson and Teddy Pindergrass (back to back)? AJ can. Take a listen to his CD 'Coming Out at Last,' particularly the selections: Young Lovers and You Blow My Mind. I'm sure you'll note the real similiarities. He can (in an instant) take you back to the streets of Detroit with the most authentic sounds of Motown. Nobody does Motown better than AJ. AJ performs admirably, the songs of R&B greats like Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Luther Vandross, and Marvin Gaye in a single set. In the next, you may find him singing songs by Classic Rock great's such as: Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Bob Seger. (original artists excluded)! His renditions of songs by the Temptations, the Four Tops, and Stevie Wonder will have you dancing in the streets. Stay tuned for the upcoming DeBravo CD of R&B hits due in late summer.

1.1 You Blow My Mind
1.2 All Cracked Up
1.3 Young Lovers
1.4 Black Silk Stockings

A.J. Debravo: Coming Out at Last

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