A Muse in a Maze

A Muse in a Maze: Muse in a Maze

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Title: Muse in a Maze
Label: CD Baby

A unique blend of World Fusion sounds, woven together into a rich tapestry of Native American flute, Middle Eastern percussion, storytelling, and improvisation. The music is sometimes hypnotic, urging introspection and meditation... sometimes lively, inspiring dance and movement... and sometimes humorous, provoking laughter and release. Enjoy the variety of soundscapes composed to entertain and inspire the soul! Johanna \'Xenobia\' Krynytzky began her studies in belly dance while at the University of Chicago in 1996. Johanna's style fuses Classical Egyptian technique with Fire Performance, Tribal Fusion, and modern musical interpretations. Raised with piano lessons, her interest in music was re-kindled when she was introduced to the doumbek, the Arabic drum, and the finger cymbals used in belly dance. From there she delved into exploring the frame drum and the riqq (Arabic tambourine). In 2000 she joined Loud Zoo, an improvisational music and dance ensemble. In 2004, her passion for dance led her to start Hip Expressions Dance Studio with her partner, Karen Sun Ray. In 2008, A Muse in a Maze was created, a collaboration of her percussion training and her aunt Lydia Swystun\'s Native American Flute music. Currently she directs both Hip Expressions and Loud Zoo, coordinating classes, performances and community events in Tampa Bay and beyond. Lydia Swystun- A gator loving, flute playing, Floridian is well known locally for her flute playing and not to mention photography. She makes her home in Seminole, FL with her basket full of flutes, and loads of friends. Inspired by many other artists, Lydia has a style all her own. She\'s performed in a variety of places from photography galleries to oxygen bars, she\'s played it all! She is working on songs to put together for a wonderful CD!! Be sure to keep your eye on this \'Gatorbabe\'!

1.1 Prayer
1.2 Spirit Guides
1.3 Wisdom of the Ages
1.4 Alligator Lullaby
1.5 Alligator and Dog
1.6 Daydreaming
1.7 Friends Forever
1.8 Drum Solo
1.9 Desert Dreaming
1.10 Guardian of the Night
1.11 Happy Dance
1.12 Inya's Song
1.13 Mystic Journey
1.14 Ocean Rendezvous
1.15 Gypsy
1.16 Trance Dance
1.17 [Untitled]

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