A Pocketful of Deng: Boxed in

A Pocketful of Deng: Boxed in
Title: Boxed in
Label: CD Baby

A Pocketful of Deng came to being in Feb. Of 2003 in Austin, Tx. When five members from entirly different musical backrounds forged together, they created 'Pocket Fusision.' '-an intelligent, diverse, and melodic local rock band whose debut mixes the Talking Heads and Radiohead with more mainstream contemporaries plus a pinch of David Gilmore and Geddy Lee.' 3/5 Stars, Austin Chronile 06/23/06 The 2006 EP 'Boxed In' eases you into audion bliss with songs like 'Nebuchadnezzar' and 'Super Bubbles' then seals the deal with the metal-esque 'E.P.A.' A Pocketful of Deng was winner of the 2006 Redrum Battle of the Bands, Regional winner in the 2006 Emergenza Internation Music Festival and ranked 5th nationally. After completing their first tour in the mid-west region, they have plans to go national in '07.

1.1 Such Magic Potion
1.2 Nebuchadnezzar
1.3 Trixie
1.4 Fungee
1.5 Industry
1.6 Super Bubbles
1.7 Endless Pursuit Association

A Pocketful of Deng: Boxed in

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