A Sheep at the Wheel

A Sheep at the Wheel: Sheep at the Wheel

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Artist: A Sheep at the Wheel
Title: Sheep at the Wheel

Are ewe ready for some sheep thrills! A Sheep at the Wheel (Becky Ross, fiddle, Karin Loya, cello and Julie Gorka, piano) play Scottish and English traditional tunes ranging from haunting slow airs reminiscent of Scottish castles and wind-swept moors to upbeat lively dancing jigs and reels. They wool impress ewe with their shearly delightful music. They have received rave reviews for their debut recording "A Sheep at the Wheel" released in 2009. The album has been nominated for a 2010 Wammie as Best Traditional Folk Album by Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). "Becky has a beautiful light touch on the fiddle...the cello and piano slip seamlessly from playing accompaniment to carrying the melody....This is music in the best Scottish tradition that is refined and disciplined, yet very lyrical." from CD Review in Strathpotomac Fiddler Becky Ross is a classically-trained fiddler who has been focusing on folk music for over ten years. Her playing is known for her rich tone and sensitive emotional connection to the music, whether that is a sorrowful Scottish lament, a majestic march or a driving reel. She also performs with several other Celtic groups and plays regularly for Scottish and English country dancing. She is President of the Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, a D.C.-based group promoting Scottish fiddle music. Karin Loya's Scottish musical roots date to her infancy when she first heard the skirl of her father's bagpipes. Her violinist-teacher father taught her cello at a young age and greatly influenced her musical development through his love for music. For over 17 years, Karin has focused primarily on the Scottish idiom, after the cello's significant role in Scottish musical history captured her imagination. Karin is a well-known folk cellist in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area and has long performed with Scottish group Fynesound, as well as for English and Scottish country dancing, and for special events. In 2010, as cello soloist, she accompanied the Library of Congress Chorale in a performance of Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Christmas Carols. Julie Gorka is a talented pianist who plays frequently for Scottish and English Country dancing as well as for Contras. Her playing provides solid bass underpinning on dance sets while exploring interesting treble harmonies that enhance any ensemble. She has also played with groups TuneFish, Copious Notes and Magnolia Klezmer Band. She is a longtime Suzuki piano teacher.

1.1 Miss Gordon of Gight
1.2 Lively Jigs: New Jig for Lois/Hon. Col. Hamilton/Lady Elizabeth Cole's
1.3 Scottish Marches: Road to the Isles/Father John Angus Rankin's March/Me
1.4 Abbots Bromley Horn Dance/Ashford Anniversary/Nonesuch
1.5 Rowing from Isla to Uist/Captain Campbell/Loch Leven Castle
1.6 The Love Set: Queen of Hearts/Mutual Love/Cupid Dis'armed
1.7 Lord Seaforth/Miss Margaret Gordon/The Tide Comes in
1.8 Cradle Song/In the Bleak Midwinter
1.9 Scarce O'Tatties/Pigeon on a Gate
1.10 3/2 Hornpipes: You've Been Long Away, Welcome Home My Dearie/Cam' Ye O'
1.11 Cock of the North/Lt. McGuire
1.12 The Sheep Set: Ca' the Yowes/Ewie with a Crooked Horn/Ca' the Wethers T
1.13 Sport
1.14 Cape Breton Reels: Homeward Bound/Jack Daniel's Reel/Cape Berton Fiddle
1.15 Winter Wedding
1.16 Maggots in a Sheep's Hide/Gillan's/Master Crowley

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