A-Won: Chevy Ridin Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: A-Won

Title: Chevy Ridin Music
Label: CD Baby

A-Won is the hottest and most dynamic hip hop group to emerge out of Atlanta. A -WON is comprised of three members; TR8MARK, STRANGA, and REVOLUTION. This innovative trio spits more than typical south rap, with extensive stays in Belgium and Germany it's no wonder that these worldly travels have in many ways influenced their free thought and creative spirit. At an early age the threesome realized that they had God given talents, so they began to focus steadfast on the mission at hand: To be successful musicians. Nurtured on the sounds of good music, A-Won draws inspiration from musical pioneers such as: Tribe Called Quest, Bootsy Collins, and KISS. What started out as a part time joy ride soon turned into a full time Nascar race. A WON has rocked shows from Miami to Atlanta; with an ever growing fan base, entourage, and even a cult following in some cities. With the turning tides of hip hop, A-Won would be considered the surfer of the rap game. There are no words to describe their style. It's not modern, it's not street, it's whatever the fuck they feel. 'Hell, I'll rock a show butt naked if that's what I feel.' says TR8MARK. With hit songs like IN DA CLUB,Put It In Da Air, Sexy Sexy, Fly Boi, and Chevy Thang, there's bound to be something that the A-Won has to get your motors rolling. So log in, tell a friend, and buckle up and enjoy the ride. ..

1.1 Chevy Thang
1.2 In Da Club
1.3 Love U Better
1.4 All My Enimies
1.5 Whic a Way
1.6 Srteet Entrupenur
1.7 When I Want
1.8 Fly Boi
2.1 Hard Top Chevy
2.2 I'm a King
2.3 Rock and Roll
2.4 All About a Dollar
2.5 I'm Da Man
2.6 Walk Wit
2.7 Suck This

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