A.X.E. Project

A.X.E. Project: Stories from a Lost Realm Part One

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Artist: A.X.E. Project

Artist: A.X.E. Project
Title: Stories from a Lost Realm Part One

The band has a long musical history with the projects leading to it's creation starting as early as 1991 by the two brothers Georgy Georgiev and Rosen Georgiev. The initial project was called A.X.E. and was started in Montana, Bulgaria. It underwent a lot of line-up using session members from a lot of the other metal and rock bands in the city. In 2001 the band changed their name from A.X.E. to The A.X.E. Project. What followed was getting the band on stage and their first appearance on stage since 2003 came in January 2007 when the band opened up for Evergrey and Stonegard in their shows in Sofia and Plovdiv. More live shows and media appearances followed with the band visiting cities like Montana and Varna and playing two international open air festivals - BerkRock, Bulgaria and Red Alert Open Air, Ukraine. In the summer 2010 the band returns to it's 'project' roots and recorded their first official album mainly with guest musicians.

1.1 Celts
1.2 Dark Tale
1.3 Wasted
1.4 Mountain Queen
1.5 16 Nights
1.6 Sacrifices
1.7 Werewolf
1.8 Pain
1.9 Outro

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