Aardvark Zulu: Midnight on Planet Earth

Aardvark Zulu: Midnight on Planet Earth
Title: Midnight on Planet Earth
Label: CD Baby

This CD is a culmination of my love of music. My unique style comes from eclectic tastes which encompass many types of music, including the British Invasion, Motown, Funk & Soul, New Wave, Blues, Alternative, and more. For me there is nothing more satisfying than to start with a rough idea for a song and add the different parts until you end up with a finished song. Because I play all the instruments, this gives me the ability to shape the songs the way I hear them. I've poured my soul into these songs and I hope the listener gets as much out of them as I put into them.

1.1 The Big Bang
1.2 Come Back Another Day
1.3 Get Up and Walk
1.4 It's All There
1.5 Where Do We Go from Here
1.6 You Gave Me (All I'll Ever Need)
1.7 A Dream Within a Dream
1.8 Got It Wrong
1.9 The Perfect Life [Explicit]
1.10 I'm Already There
1.11 Get on the Train
1.12 You Don't Know What It's Like
1.13 You're So Yesterday

Aardvark Zulu: Midnight on Planet Earth

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