Aaron Alnight: Devil in Disguise

Aaron Alnight: Devil in Disguise
Title: Devil in Disguise
Label: CD Baby

If you are easily offended by naughty, suggestive lyrics, please don't listen to this album. If you feel that rock is dead and would rather listen to songs about inner city thugs shooting each other, this album isn't for you either. However, if you dream of a time when kids in black leather jackets and blue jeans went to the drive in to watch 'Reefer Madness' and tail fins as tall as the Chrysler building sailed through the air, this might be the record for you. If you yearn to return to a time when every song on the radio had a memorable guitar tag and songs had something to say other than,'Oops, I may have done that again.' you should really give this CD a listen. On the other hand, if you go to church every Sunday and never stay out past 9pm on a week night, you're probably going to hell just for reading this.

1.1 Fairy Princess
1.2 Jailbait Jump
1.3 Straight to Hell
1.4 Red Riding Hood
1.5 Wicked Woman
1.6 Devil in a Bottle
1.7 Devil in Disguise
1.8 Pickin' on Woody
1.9 Reminds Me of Lovin' You
1.10 I Can't Make You Want Me
1.11 Shine Through the Dark

Aaron Alnight: Devil in Disguise

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