Aaron Burdett

Aaron Burdett: Stand Up Eight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aaron Burdett

Title: Stand Up Eight
Label: CD Baby

Aaron's third full length album, "Stand Up Eight", released September 2010, leans a bit more into the acoustic rock and pop sound that emerged on the 2008 release "Resolve", and features many of the same regionally and nationally acclaimed musicians who have contributed to past recordings. These include singer-songwriters Chris Rosser and Beth Wood, percussionist River Guerguerian, dobro virtuoso Billy Cardine (of the Biscuit Burners), and Grammy award-winning bassist Eliot Wadopian . At the forefront, though, is Burdett's singular acoustic picking style and his smooth, heartfelt vocals, gracing each song with it's own life and sense of individuality. From the poppy melody of "Without You", to the growling yet buoyant "Bluff", to the sincerely optimistic sentiment of the title track "Stand Up Eight", this CD will entertain from the first note to the last.

1.1 Stand Up Eight
1.2 Without You
1.3 Bluff
1.4 Rocket
1.5 Go Back
1.6 Lies
1.7 The One
1.8 Stride
1.9 I'm Gone
1.10 Silhouette
1.11 I Will Remember

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