Aaron Hart

Aaron Hart: Rollercoaster

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Artist: Aaron Hart

Artist: Aaron Hart
Title: Rollercoaster

If your looking for an 'Amazing', 'Versatile', 'Feel Good' R&B album this is it!!! R&B at it's finest mixed with a taste of hip-hop, and a sprinkle of pop. Great combination of things for your ears to feel good to. You have to get this album! It's worth it!

1.1 Tight
1.2 Internet Lover
1.3 Baby
1.4 Life
1.5 I Do
1.6 Love U Down
1.7 Split Personality
1.8 Hey You
1.9 Step Into the Club
1.10 I Just Wanna Know
1.11 Ooh
1.12 The End
1.13 Have You Seen Her
1.14 Turning Me on
1.15 All I Can Do
1.16 Sprite
1.17 Step Into the Club
1.18 Good and Bad Times

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