Aaron Keylock

Aaron Keylock: Cut Against The Grain

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aaron Keylock

Title: Cut Against The Grain
Label: Provogue

CUT AGAINST THE GRAIN - From a MusicRadar interview: Aaron: "I use a very simple setup, as I like music to be as real and organic and personal as possible. I don't use any pedals or wireless systems. I'm using a Marshall 1987X Plexi head through a 1936 2X12 cab with Greenbacks in. The guitars I'm using are a 2009 Gibson Standard Faded Les Paul, a 2013 Gibson Firebird V, and a custom Korina Junior built by a great company in Oxford called TSR Guitars. I've been using the Junior for slide for about a year now and it's perfect!" Nuff said... Aaron Keylock, UK Teenage guitar sensation.

1.1 All the Right Moves
1.2 Down
1.3 Medicine Man
1.4 Falling Again
1.5 Just One Question
1.6 Against the Grain
1.7 That's Not Me
1.8 Try
1.9 Spin the Bottle
1.10 Sun's Gonna Shine
1.11 No Matter What the Cost

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