Aaron Moses

Aaron Moses: Disease for the Better

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Artist: Aaron Moses

Artist: Aaron Moses
Title: Disease for the Better

This album was recorded from March 2008 to March 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee at Zodlounge, where Tom Michael and Aaron Moses both co-produced the record. Entitled 'Disease for the Better', this solo effort recorded along side the owners of Zodlounge is sure to get people buzzing. 'Enjoy the music and listen close, pass it along and watch it grow.'

1.1 Intro (In the Valley)
1.2 Walking
1.3 A Lonely Lullaby
1.4 Strong As a Hurricane
1.5 Looking for Time
1.6 April's Fool
1.7 Sinnerman's Blues
1.8 Stay
1.9 Disease for the Better

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