Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander: Conversational Music

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Artist: Aaron Alexander

Artist: Aaron Alexander
Title: Conversational Music

'There are many ways of framing this series of freely improvised duets between trombonist Julian Priester and drummer Aaron Alexander: a master class in what Priester calls 'spontaneous composition'; a primer on creating graceful melodies and coherent structures on the spot; an object lesson in how to make a small group sound like a large one. But the simplest is probably the best: a conversation between two old friends. Alexander and Priester first played together nearly 25 years ago at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where Alexander was a student and Priester an instructor. By that time, the older man was already a legendary figure in the jazz world, having worked with Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, and Dave Holland, among others. Alexander, meanwhile, was one of a small group of young Seattle players who would go on to define a particularly adventurous and inclusive stream of modern jazz. For several years, the two worked together both in the classroom and on the bandstand. Then Alexander moved to New York City. This recording marks the first time they have performed together in 15 years. Listening to them now, it is easy to understand why veteran jazz musicians often describe their work as a conversation or dialogue.  As the music unfolds -- Priester unfurling one judicious phrase after another, Alexander generating an endlessly varied sequence of textures and colors -- it sounds very much like a heartfelt discussion between two sensitive and intelligent people, a discussion that is by turns sombre, joyous, even funny. The intimacy of these tracks exemplifies the exposed quality Priester mentions in his own notes; we are eavesdroppers here, and lucky to be so.' by Alexander Gelfand Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved Aaron Alexander - drums, percussion Julian Priester - trombone Produced by Aaron Alexander Recorded by Randy Crafton at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, NJ, September, 2007 Except #4 and #15, Recorded by Guy Staley at London Bridge Studios, Seattle, WA, January 2007 Mixed by David Richards, Mazebright Tenafly N,J. Mastered by Jon Rosenberg, Brooklyn, NY Graphic Design by Jon Madof Cover Image by Ezra Cohen - River, 2009. Oil on Canvas, 26' X 32'. Private Collection.

1.1 Ariella Carmen
1.2 Gerald Stephen
1.3 Drumbone
1.4 Life on Mars
1.5 Wex
1.6 Kocmierozki's Shed
1.7 Ode to Lucius Harper
1.8 Lives of Dialogue
1.9 Bulaga Bugalu
1.10 A Rose for Beatrice [For Bea Schott]
1.11 Pamanhikan at Road 20 [For Nicolas C. Ma Ago]
1.12 Amygdalicious
1.13 Cymbalinese
1.14 Gingging, Bongbong
1.15 Evolver

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