Aaron Shragge

Aaron Shragge: Key Is in the Window

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Artist: Aaron Shragge

Artist: Aaron Shragge
Title: Key Is in the Window

THE KEY that which serves, the meaning, the explanation, the practice. IS IN THE WINDOW the wind's eyes, the ability to perceive, the ethereal movement and ever-changing reality seen through the window of our perception; the receiving, expressive, action of the mind and senses.

1.1 Mesopelagic Drift
1.2 Upper Roslyn Lookout
1.3 Irate in Sight
1.4 Trust
1.5 Choshi
1.6 Nastassiya
1.7 Kyorei
1.8 A Trodden Way
1.9 Atman Breather
1.10 The Key Is in the Window

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