Aaron Shragge

Aaron Shragge: Key Is in the Window

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Aaron Shragge

Title: Key Is in the Window
Label: CD Baby

THE KEY that which serves, the meaning, the explanation, the practice. IS IN THE WINDOW the wind's eyes, the ability to perceive, the ethereal movement and ever-changing reality seen through the window of our perception; the receiving, expressive, action of the mind and senses.

1.1 Mesopelagic Drift
1.2 Upper Roslyn Lookout
1.3 Irate in Sight
1.4 Trust
1.5 Choshi
1.6 Nastassiya
1.7 Kyorei
1.8 A Trodden Way
1.9 Atman Breather
1.10 The Key Is in the Window

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